About BS Research House

BS Research House is a trusted & well reputed Financial Advisor in India since 2019. It is one of the fastest Growing Investment Advisor providing technology-led best capital market services in India.

We Provide Recommendations for cash and F&O , Traded in NSE AND BSE for Intraday & positional. All recommendations are generated by market certified experts after the fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

We also conduct workshop where we train our clients about the basics of stock market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and Options Strategy and helping them to become an independent traders and make good profit from the markets.

As a share market advisor in India, BS Research House brings you 3+ years of rich experience in serving a diverse customer base of investors and traders. Over the last 2 years, we have been able to build a great community of traders and investors who strongly feel the need for change in the capital market. So far, we have a smart professional team powering more than 3000+ customers to trade seamlessly through our innovative products, digital platforms, and software.

And Also We Provide Auto buy Sell Signal Software so the Traders can easily find out the right scripts to trade. It’s having scanner facility based on 135 Plus Included strategies .Traders can easily scan the profitable live trades for an intraday and positional with complete sl and targets.

Why Choose Us

We provide services for all financials needs.

We Manage the portfolio of our clients.

Recommendations provided by market experts.

We Provide complete followup and support to our clients.

We also Trained our clients to Empower there Investment and Trading strategy.

Our Vision

To be #1 digital complete investment advisor & financial advisor to traders and investors known for our ease of use and the completeness of our offering.
To provide best return for investments.

Our Mission

To enhence the financial independence of investers and traders through powerful digital offering and professional guidence with innovative products and unique futuristic goal oriented stretegiy.
To provide best value for money.